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Our Pincode Finder is a type of pincode directory that includes pin codes for India and its 28 states, used to identify the location of a recipient for postal correspondence. Anyone can use this Pincode Directory to easily find the pin codes for India and its states. To find the pin code for your location, you can find the names of all Indian states in the dropdown menu mentioned above. You only need to select the place where you want to find the pin code.

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India is a large country with a unique pin code representing a specific area, city, or village. To assist you in identifying a specific pin code or area, we provide a pin code search engine. Now you can search for a specific area's pin code and use that pin code to find an address in any location in India.

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State District Sub District Village Post Office Pin Code

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India consists of 28 states, 8 union territories, and at least 766 districts. Around 6.4 lakh villages and more than 8200 cities and towns may be found within these districts. To maintain effective postal services, the Indian postal system has given each district, village, city, and town an own postal code. India Post, the Indian postal service, uses a code called a postal index number (PIN), sometimes known as a ZIP code. There are six digits in the code.

The sorting district, which is designated as the primary post office in a big city, is represented by the first three digits of the PIN code. Another name for this is "Selection Office." Depending on how much mail is processed, a district might have one.

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Finding the appropriate location or person can be a great difficulty for Indian postal services (and courier services) due to the size of the nation and the sheer number of cities, towns, and villages. The 6-digit Postal Index Number (PIN) code was introduced by the Indian Postal Service on August 15, 1972, to improve the circulation of letters and packages. This code helps to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of letters and packages.